improving the performance of high-mileage cars

improving the performance of high-mileage cars

Running Low On Christmas Money? 2 Ways You Can Make Some Cash

by Hugh Lowe

If your Christmas list is bigger than your wallet and you are running out of money, you can make some extra cash in many ways. You can then buy everything on your list for your friends and family. Keep reading and you will soon see some green in your hand.

Sell Junk Cars

If you have any old cars on your property that you consider junk, they can turn into cash for you by selling them to a salvage yard like U Pull & Pay. Before you start selling the junk cars, see if you have the title to each car. If you do not have the titles, you can order duplicates.

Many salvage yards require a title before they purchase a vehicle. There are some, however, that will not require the title.  You will have to show them some proof that you are the owner of the car by showing them the car's registration along with your driver's license.

Determine the value of your car before you start selling it. You can do this by looking up the Blue Book value. When you take the car to a salvage yard they will ask you questions, such as what type of damage does the car have, will the car run, or what is wrong with the car. If your junk car is drivable, you will get paid much more money.

Call some salvage yards in your area to determine what their prices are. If the car will not run, you should hire a tow company to take it, as the salvage yard will likely not pay you as much for your car if they tow it in.

Contact the DMV in your area to learn what the laws are for selling junk cars in your state before you do anything.

Offer Your Services

There are many things you can offer to the people in your town. Many people go out of town around the holidays. If they have pets, they may need a pet sitter to stay with them while they are gone. If you have a lot of snow in your area, offer to shovel snow in their driveway and any walkway.

You could run errands for people, such as take them to the grocery store, pharmacy, or even Christmas shopping. People may need help wrapping presents or taking presents to the post office.

Determine what you will charge for these services and then put up flyers around your town listing the services that you are offering. You could also put an ad in your local newspaper and advertise online.

You will have quick money no matter which one you choose, so you do not have to worry about waiting for money to go into your bank account or a check in the mail.


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improving the performance of high-mileage cars

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