improving the performance of high-mileage cars

improving the performance of high-mileage cars

Take These Steps To Maximize Your Air Filter's Efficiency

by Hugh Lowe

If you've just started driving semis, you know that they are way different from your average car or pickup not only in size, but also in how sensitive the engine is. Yes, these giant vehicles are rather fragile when it comes to the dust and dirt encountered on the road. But with proper care, your air filter can help save your engine and keep it running well for a long time. Take these steps to make your air filter's effects as efficient as possible.

Use Pre-cleaners

Pre-cleaners are additions that send the air that comes into the engine into a true spin -- the centrifugal motion causes a lot of dirt particles to drop out of the air. The air then heads into the air filter, which removes more of the dirt. This two-step air-cleaning process makes driving easier on the air filter and thus on your engine. notes that pre-cleaners can remove up to 95 percent of larger particles.

Don't Clean the Filter

Think cleaning off the excess dust from the filter will help extend its life? Nope. Cleaning the air filter increases the risk of damage to the filter, which can let dirt into the engine and cause some major problems literally down the road. Even if the technique you use to clean the filter is gentle, the risk is too great because even tiny tears in the filter can be a problem. Remember, small points of damage can always grow bigger. Also, yanking the filter out of the engine repeatedly can also cause damage, especially if the filter hits something along the way out.

Replace It Often

The only time you should remove the filter is to replace it, and you should do that often. The exact times at which you should change the filter (assuming the filter isn't prematurely clogged due to your driving in an unusually dusty area) vary by brand and by your use of the truck, but once you know the manufacturer's suggested change times, stick to those at least. Clogged filters can actually reduce your fuel efficiency, and if too much dust and dirt gather, they can start acting like little bits of sandpaper, wearing away at anything nearby. Keeping a clean filter in your engine is one of the best steps you can take for your truck.

If you want more info on pre-cleaners or need to pick up some spare air filters, talk to a trucking supply depot or parts warehouse, like Big Rig Fleet Air Filters for example. The staff there may be able to help you find pre-cleaners or help troubleshoot problems that may be related to the air filter.


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improving the performance of high-mileage cars

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