improving the performance of high-mileage cars

improving the performance of high-mileage cars

Buyers' Best Bets When It Comes To Used Auto Parts

by Hugh Lowe

If you are looking at repairs or replacing parts on your vehicle, you may find used parts offer what you need at a fraction of the cost. It is estimated that used parts can save consumers around half the cost of buying the same items new. Instead of spending a fortune on parts to fix your car, consider the value and cost-efficiency of working with salvage auto part dealers and sellers:


Don't drive around with a rusty or shoddy bumper; the bumper is the first point of contact during a collision or fender-bender. Using an inferior bumper on your vehicle, or securing an existing bumper that has come detached with string, wire, or other materials, is a safety issue. Used bumpers are a good value, as long as you have them securely attached to your vehicle by an automotive professional.


The glass on your vehicle, such as mirrors and windshields, is another way that you can save money on the cost of repairs or restoration. You may want to spring for professional installation of used windshields, however, as the tight adhesive that holds the glass in place can be challenging to remove without encountering problems. You may also find that used auto dealers and parts vendors offer alternative solutions to replacing the entire windshield, such as filler that can be used to repair small cracks or pits that takes no time to apply and that can save you big bucks.

Wheels and tires.

Used wheels and tires are also a good bargain when shopping around for auto parts. Be sure to have a tire professional balance and rotate your tires periodically, as these experts will be able to identify any issues that could impact driving. Furthermore, buying used tires is an eco-friendly alternative, as these items often end up in landfills and transfer stations.


If you are one of the many that are restoring a classic or vintage automobile, there are many accents and details that can be found at a salvage car parts dealer for far less than ordering new. This also opens up the opportunity to fully restore vehicles to factory condition when it is impossible to find original parts to complete the project. Talk with dealers about the specific make and model of your car to compare costs.

For safety reasons, some auto parts that may be better bought new are, brake parts, air bags, seat belts, and sensors.



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improving the performance of high-mileage cars

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