improving the performance of high-mileage cars

improving the performance of high-mileage cars

Splurge Or Steal: A Guide To Aftermarket Parts For A Souped Up Four-Wheel-Drive

by Hugh Lowe

When you initially invest in the four-wheel-drive vehicle, it is highly unlikely that it will already have all of those incredible features that will make the truck or SUV totally functional when you head off the beaten path. It is always a lot of fun to transform a basic 4x4 by adding a few aftermarket parts and accessories. When you want to make some changes, there are two different roads that you can take: Splurge on high-end aftermarket parts or find parts that provide the same basic functions at a steal of a price and get a similar end result. 

Splurge: Combination LED Light Bar 

The combination LED light bar affixes to the top of your vehicle and is usually about as wide as the vehicle itself. It offers long-range lighting and most often has dual settings for lower beam functions, which works great in the fog. The bar itself can have hundreds of tiny LED bulbs that can be replaced individually if one burns out over time. 

Steal: Mountable LED Lamps 

Mountable LED lamps are actually a trademark on some of the common 4x4 vehicles. They can be square or round shaped and you can choose whether you just want to mount two or four across the top of your vehicle. 

Splurge: Track Width Axle Extension 

If you want to go all out and drastically change the stance of your off-road machine, adding a track width axle extension is an awesome choice. This task, however, is a job reserved for auto body professionals, and even though the aftermarket parts may not be all that expensive, you could end up having to pay a pro as much as $20 an hour. 

Steal: Wheel Spacers 

Wheel spacers are extensions that go on the end of wheel axles that push out the tire a few inches beyond the edge of the vehicle. These are easy to install on your own and ill give you the same appearance. The only downfall to wheel spacers is they are not a permanent change and will have to be replaced regularly over the years. 

Splurge: Off-Road Deluxe Bull Bar 

A bull bar stretches over the entire front end of a vehicle. It usually covers the headlights, grill, and bumper to keep all of these elements protected. The bull bar can be enhanced with many different accessories, such as a winch or extra lighting. 

Steal: Off-Road Push Bar with a Winch 

A push bar is much smaller in stature, usually about half the size of a full bull bar, but still offers front end protection for the grill and bumper. To add a bit more functionality, you can also add a winch or tow hook to the bull bar. 

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improving the performance of high-mileage cars

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