improving the performance of high-mileage cars

improving the performance of high-mileage cars

Three Benefits Of Shopping At A Salvage Yard

by Hugh Lowe

Salvage yards are comprised of junk vehicles and other miscellaneous items that the salvage yard may accept. People may view salvage yards with distaste, but there are actually several benefits to using them, whether it is dropping off any items you no longer want and cannot sell, or searching for an item that you want to buy. This is a list of some of the benefits to browsing through your local salvage yard.

Automobile Parts

If you are searching for a part on your vehicle to replace a damaged one, the salvage yard may have the part you need in one of the abandoned vehicles on the lot. Due to the wide variety of vehicles in the yard, there is usually a vehicle model that has a part compatible with the one you need. Some salvage yards will remove the part for you, while others give you the option of removing the part yourself. The cost of the parts is often a great deal cheaper than you would spend in an automotive store, mechanic shop, or dealership.


To an artist, a salvage yard can be a treasure trove of interesting items that can be turned into something new and wonderful. You can find pallets, scrap metal, and even discarded craft pieces depending on what people have dropped off at the salvage yard. Just like the auto parts, each item is drastically reduced and may even be free depending on what it is. You can create art projects for little cost and sell them for a decent profit.


Some of the vehicles at the salvage yards only have minor issues and may be great fixer-upper vehicles for anyone who likes to work on automobiles. Since the salvage yard typically buys the vehicles for the cost of scrap metal, they may sell them to you for a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere. Plus, as mentioned before, any parts you would need could also be picked up at the same location or other salvage yards in the area. Once you are done, the entire vehicle restoration cost may surprise you by how cheap it was.


Don't give up hope if you don't find what you are looking for at the first salvage yard you visit. Some of them may be closer to junk yards, but there is always that one salvage yard that seems to have just what you are looking for.

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improving the performance of high-mileage cars

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